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A Look Inside: Yellow Springs Brewery

It is no secret that Yellow Springs is a special community. It is a small, close-knit town with numerous local shops and restaurants. This town of just under 4,000 people is commonly seen as one of the coolest places in Ohio. One of the most popular spots in town is the Yellow Springs Brewery. Located on the Little Miami Bike trail, Yellow Springs Brewery is the perfect place to stop and relax for runners, hikers, and cyclists - or anyone coming into town. There is no better place to end a half marathon.

We recently spoke with Chris Hutton, the Front-of-House Operations Manager, at Yellow Springs Brewery. He was kind enough to give us some information on the brewery and what their thought process is like in choosing to sponsor an event.

Yellow Springs Brewery opened their doors in 2013 and recently celebrated their 5 year anniversary. They have a beautiful and comfortable taproom that makes it an enjoyable space. Their delicious beers are renowned throughout the region and often features food trucks which makes for wonderful dining options. This is a true local gem that focuses on the craft of brewing. As importantly, they care about our community and those in it. They live by the same motto that they started with - "Crafting Truth to Power."

"Our motto from the start has been "Crafting Truth to Power" which is a play on the Quaker saying of "Speaking Truth to Power" which they were essentially talking about world peace, so they were speaking truth to the powers in the world," Chris stated.

He went on to say:

"This saying fits into the ethos of Yellow Springs, speaking your truth and not letting the powerful people overrun you. We use the saying with a bit of tongue and cheek, but we are partially serious in that we are trying to craft our own truth to what are the powerful breweries. Our styles translate to truth to options in the market."

If you have ever been to Yellow Springs, you will know just how true this motto is. The focus on supporting and shopping local businesses is evident. It is one of the foundations that the village prides itself on.

We are incredibly grateful to have the support of Yellow Springs Brewery. They put a great deal of thought into what types of events and organizations they partner with. "Who or what organization does this benefit?" "Is it a cause we feel strongly about?" "Does this event align with our beliefs and is it something we can provide a positive outcome for?" These are all questions that they ask themselves before deciding to come on as a sponsor. Benefiting the Springfield Regional Cancer Center and being striving to make a difference in our community are core values of the Happy Half Marathon that make our partnership with Yellow Springs Brewery a great fit.

Last, we asked Chris what advice he has for our runners. To which, he provided a perfect answer.

"Well I will be the first to admit I am the furthest thing from a runner, so I have zero experience with running a marathon, so if I had to give any advice it would be HYDRATE, water, more water, and then reward yourself for your accomplishment with a cold pint in our air conditioned taproom!"

DON'T FORGET! Yellow Springs Brewery will be opening at 10:00am the morning of the Happy Half! Stop in for a pint and cheer on your fellow runners as they cross the finish line.

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