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The idea for our race comes from family members running the 13.1 mile course from Springfield to Yellow Springs to train for a full-marathon in which they would be raising money to help cover the cost of cancer treatment for Mike Maloney, father of Co-Director Alex Maloney. The first official Happy Half Marathon was held in 2012.  Our race brings together 200+ runners from all over to support our cause and gives them a chance to achieve their fitness goals.


The course begins at Springfield High School, runs along the Miami Valley Scenic Bike Trail, and ends in beautiful Yellow Springs. This route is shaded and has a negative grade, making a comfortable run for everyone, whether you are an experienced runner, or this is your first go at a half marathon.


After a year hiatus, we returned in 2017 - bigger and better than ever!  

In 2018, we saw record numbers. We featured 256 runners, more than 170 volunteers, and 13 community sponsors. Most importantly, the Happy Half Marathon and our community sponsors donated $11,000 to the Springfield Regional Cancer Center. 



Our course from Springfield High School to Yellow Springs, Ohio features a negative grade. This flat, shaded, and beautiful trail gives runners a safe and comfortable environment for running.


Whether you are an experienced runner, or this is your first attempt at 13.1, these conditions are perfect for your personal best.


Negative grade - positive results! 


What does it mean to Choose Happy? First, we hope that you choose to run the Happy Half. Second, we want you to choose the path of happiness and that our community of runners will help that. Most importantly, we run for cancer fighters, survivors, and those we have lost. No one gets to choose cancer, but we hope that, no matter what, you are always able to Choose Happy. 


In addition to organizing a great race, one of the main objectives or the Happy Half Marathon is to raise money for a great cause.

Past donations have been made to the American Cancer Society and the Springfield Regional Cancer Center. 

In 2018 the Happy Half Marathon and our sponsors donated $11,000 to the Springfield Regional Cancer Society.


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