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Who's setting your pace?

The pace team for the 2021 Happy Half Marathon is filled with incredible runners who are ready to help you to your personal best! Check out our list of pacers and find out who will be setting your pace for the Happy Half!

Brandon Hough - Pace - 1:30 (6:52/mile)

  • 2019 Happy Half Runner Up

  • Member of Advanced Running Project Elite & Ohio River Road Runners Club

  • Previously paced Caramel Marathon 3x

  • Once ran 73 miles over 12 hour span overnight

  • "Take your easy runs easy and stay consistent, that’s how you become a great runner!"

Ann Howard - Pace - 1:45 (8:01/mile)

  • Member of Team Grace, ORRRC, and Indy Runners

  • Previously paced Winans to Winans, Dayton River Corridor Classic, Indy Monumental, and the Leap Year Half

  • Once ran 32.5 miles through John Bryan State Park

  • "It is my passion to support and encourage others to reach a running goal so I have coached for the Piqua Junior High School track team, I have mentored middle school runners in a club, and now I am coaching Belzer Middle School’s Cross Country team in Indiana."

David Sferrella - Pace - 2:00 (9:10/mile)

  • Member of ORRRC & Dayton Running Club

  • Previously paced Happy Half, Detroit Half, Panama City Half, Hoosier Half, GCM Half, Air Force Half, Dayton Corridor Half, and Hot Chocolate 15K

  • Races 40-50 times per year, and really enjoys ultramarathons and triathalons. Ran a 50 mile trail race in 11:45

  • "I enjoy pacing people to help them meet their running goals!"

Shawn Koivisto - Pace - 2:15 (10:18/mile)

  • Member of ORRRC

  • Previously paced the 2019 Happy Half

  • Currently on run streak day 637 of at least 1 mile outside per day, and completed first 100K run in March

  • Currently in training for IM Coeur D'alene 140.6 and IM Ohio 70.3. Will attempt first marathon swim of 8.2 miles around Mackinac Island in August

Liz Daulton - Pace - 2:30 (11:27/mile)

  • Previously paced the 2019 Happy Half

  • Currently on a running streak of at least 1 mile/day since May 12, 2020!

  • "My running journey began in 2014 training for a 5K with a friend. I found satisfaction and a desire to challenge myself more and more. Since that first race, I continued to go further and grow as an athlete and eventually became a triathlete in 2016. Earlier this year I completed my first 50 mile run! It was an amazing experience. Also this season I will be racing Ironman Coeur D'Alene 140.6 and Ironman Ohio 70.3!"

Melissa Heaton - Pace - 2:45 (12:36/mile)

  • Member of ORRRC

  • Previously paced Louisville Mini Marathon, Halfway to Christmas Half, Christmas in July Half, Happy Half, Dayton River Corridor half, Thanksgiving Turkey Day half (Dayton and Cincy)

  • "I love to run and to meet new running friends! I especially love to help people meet their time goals (whether I’m officially pacing or not) because the running community is special and I love being a part of it! I’ve met the best friends and greatest people this way!"


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