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Sponsorship Announcement: Ohio Valley Surgical Center

It is with great pleasure that we announce our second sponsor for the Happy Half Marathon. Ohio Valley Surgical Center is joining the Happy Half team for the 2018 race! Mike Willets and his team (Ohio Valley Sports Medicine) have been gracious supporters of the Happy Half since our second race and they remain a large part in our success. Due to the face that our philosophies and goals line up so well, this partnership is a great fit for all parties. For example, we both take pride in having a positive impact on our community. Encouraging good health and fitness habits and supporting a variety of local events is one way that Ohio Valley has made such a positive name in our area.

Willets leads by example. As an experienced and successful runner, he wants to get others out and running as well. In speaking with him, he shared his joy in knowing so many Happy Half runners. Every race day is like going for a run with a group of friends - something that makes the 13.1 mile trek from Springfield to Yellow Springs even more enjoyable.

Mike Willets and his team are not just an important piece of the Happy Half Marathon, but they have a huge impact on the local community as well. Ohio Valley Surgical Center does 12,000+ surgeries per year. The Sports Medicine team at Ohio Valley is a vital part of the Springfield community as they work with many of our local high schools athletic programs.

According to their website, their "multi-disciplinary team of health care experts is dedicated to helping clients of all ages perform at their highest level." They are exceptional at providing proper education and care to athletes. As everyone is well-aware, the likelihood of picking up injuries (big or small) while running is always a possibility. Fortunately, Ohio Valley is right down the street. Conveniently located at 100 W. Main Street, Springfield, Ohio, they are very easy to find!

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