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Here comes the sun?

Though the sixth edition of the Happy Half Marathon is still 140+ days away, for many of us, the training never stops. Even through we are (kind of) seeing a bit of a warm up, it looks as though we could see snow again within the next few days. Despite this seemingly endless winter, the running never stops. Whether it is a jog on the treadmill or the folks brave enough to head outside and take on the cold, trying to keep in race-shape is very difficult during the winter months - especially in Ohio where we often experience all four season in a week.

Though there seem to be many benefits of cold weather running, it is not easy to willingly leave the heat of homes to go run. Personally, overcoming the initial thought of the biting winter is the most difficult part. Ultimately, once I finally get out there, it is always worth it. My lungs feel better and I feel much stronger and happier. Going through something so difficult always feel very rewarding and it keeps me that much closer to the shape I am looking to be in for a race.

Some things that I have learned from running in the cold are:

1) Warm up and cool down even longer usual

2) Drink extra water!

3) Dress appropriately - even though you will feel warmer, it is important to protect your body from the cold/wind

These are just a few of the things that I have learned and found helpful from my own experiences in running. It is, by no means, an all inclusive list and I would encourage each person to do the things that work best for them.

Question: Every runner has their own tips and tricks that they have picked up along the way. What advice would you give to other cold weather runners?

Head to our Facebook page or share this post with your advice for fellow Happy Half-ers!

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