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The 100 Mile October Challenge

This month, Alex Maloney and I challenged each other to run 100 miles. We get so much enjoyment out of organizing the Happy Half that we thought we ought to do some more running ourselves. We got a few other friends on board initially and thought we would share the idea with the Happy Half community (hoping for good thoughts, tips, and encouragement).

The support was overwhelming.

We were thrilled to see all of the "I'm in," responses when we shared the idea that we wanted to make sure we gave everyone the opportunity to participate. Now we have a large group of people that are planning on running with us!

If you are interested in participating in our challenge, here is all you have to do:

1) CLICK HERE to enter your name and track your miles as well as others

2) Use the hashtag #HH100 on your social media posts and let us know how you are coming along!

3) Challenge your friends.

Our challenge is 100 miles, but we are also challenging all of you to do something. Challenge your friends to something this month and hold each other accountable. Whether it is 100 miles, 20 miles, no soda, or eating healthy... just try it! Yes, it is October 4th, but it is not too late! You can participate in our challenge or make one up, either way, be sure to let us know! The Happy Half community is amazing and we want to keep building that with you all!

Keep training hard and encouraging each other to improve!

Don't forget, you get register for the Happy Half Marathon TODAY! Click here to sign up.

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