Mar 27

Retiring Shoes



How do you retire your shoes? By actual mile count, when you're sick of them, or when they just fall physically fall to pieces?


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  • And if so, what time are you shooting for?
  • For many of us, there is no real "off-season," but the winter months make it extremely difficult to train outdoors. Running outside on the snow, ice, and cold temperatures especially can be dangerous. I like to use this time to mix up my training and do more weight lifting or spinning. How do you prefer to train to make sure you stay ready for warmer months?
  • In an effort to help build the running and the Half Marathon community, we invite you to join our new forum! This is a space to share your running tips, stories, pictures, questions, and anything else that you think might benefit the running community near and far. Sign up and be a part of a worldwide family of runners! Please remember to always be respectful and kind in your posts on this forum. The Happy Half Marathon staff reserves the right to remove any posts that we find disrespectful or mean-spirited. Have fun and CHOOSE HAPPY! - Chris


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